Tzotzoma was created by anthropologists, and we believe in the principle of reciprocity - providing benefits to the subjects of our study, or, in this case, assisting the descendant communities of the ancient artists whose work inspires our designs. We donate 10% of our profits to organizations that support cultural and language preservation programs for Native American communities. We have provided support to the Indigenous Language Institute and the Maya Educational Foundation.

The Indigenous Language Institute provides vital language related services to Native communities so that their individual identities, traditional wisdom and values are passed on to future generations in their original languages. ILI’s guiding philosophy is to “help create speakers” of endangered indigenous languages while we still have speakers left. ILI researches, teaches and shares information and tools to empower Native communities to make their languages seen and heard everywhere and by everyone. ILI’s tools and training help people create their own Native language materials to develop textbooks, teaching aids, films, digital stories, as well as flyers, brochures, posters, toys, and signage. ILI works with all tribes and nations to complement and enhance their existing language programs.

Convinced that better education is the key to better lives, the mission of the Maya Educational Foundation is to support the educational and professional advancement of the Maya people and neighboring indigenous cultures in southern Mexico, Belize and Central America, with special emphasis on the needs of those being marginalized by their society, and to support programs that foster study, preservation and understanding of those cultures. Special consideration is given to women and girls and to indigenous groups from remote areas.